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The 2020 Season Has Unfortunately Been Cancelled

Please see our President's note in the right sidebar for details regarding the cancellation and why we have decided to make this difficult decision. Also, please note, regarding deposits paid: you will all be contacted individually over the course of the next few weeks. Please do not contact us directly. You will get your full funds back if that is what you choose, or you will be able to apply the deposit to the 2021 season. The choice will be yours. It will just take some time for us to process it. But again, please wait until a member of the Executive contacts you regarding this. Thank you for your patience.

Sunday, September 22, 2019
A Division
Replacements 23 vs. Alpha Pro Ballers 13
Expos 16 vs. Angels 17
Durham Aces 22 vs. Bulldogs 23
The Tribe 12 vs. Dodgers 18
Bulldogs 17 vs. Dodgers 20
Angels 26 vs. Durham Aces 19
Alpha Pro Ballers 27 vs. Expos 14
Replacements 10 vs. The Tribe 7
B Division
Isotopes 17 vs. Mariners 26
Brewers 17 vs. P. City Rollers 23
Brew Jays 16 vs. Pirates 9
Kelly's Grubers 3 vs. Prospects 12
Isotopes 14 vs. Pirates 10
C Division
No Big Deal 16 vs. Cleveland Steamers 11
Kessel Runners 19 vs. Healthy Scratches 12
Cleveland Steamers 19 vs. Kessel Runners 4
Shandex Slammers 23 vs. No Big Deal 24
Tropics 31 vs. Shandex Slammers 15
Healthy Scratches 17 vs. Tropics 8
D Division
Predators 8 vs. Sandlot Kids 0
Bad Dawgs 16 vs. Sons of Pitches 17
Raiders 0 vs. The Royals 8
Masters Division
Team Sox 24 vs. Boilers 17
Lost Boys 12 vs. Classics 17
Kedron 0 vs. Da Boyz 27
Badgers 6 vs. Da Boyz 20
Co-ed Division
Wild Pitches 11 vs. Bulldogs 20
Triple Play Balls Out 26 vs. Caught Looking 12
Slippery Mitts 6 vs. Eye Got It 4
Pitch Slaps 11 vs. Hopascotches 6

Sunday, March 7, 2021
A Division
No games scheduled.
B Division
No games scheduled.
C Division
No games scheduled.
D Division
No games scheduled.
Masters Division
No games scheduled.
Co-ed Division
No games scheduled.

* Teams listed second are the home teams.

To the membership of the Oshawa Slo-Pitch League, your League Executive hopes that all of you are safe and well during this pandemic we have all been a part of these past six months. These are trying times, times that we, or our elders, have never experienced before. With this pandemic came many new "normals" and wiped out some of our old "normals" for everyday life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has played a major role in everything from people's work lives, family lives, everyday life routines, to everyday life pleasures and it does not seem to want to let society get back to what we all call normal. We, the OSPL Executive, have been waiting for the green light to be able to proceed with the 2020 season, a shortened season at best. We have not received any notice on our season permit from the City of Oshawa and likely will not until the state of emergency is lifted by Premier Ford. As of now, that is on July 22. As we approach the latter end of July, the reality of us being able to play ball this season as the Oshawa Slopitch League is coming to an end.

The reality is, COVID-19 has put a lot of extra attention on how leagues and organizations need to operate and function - a new normal. For instance, we, the OSPL Executive, have to obtain a COVID-19 insurance for the League and for membership. With the precautions that the League would have to draft up and impose onto our membership, the Executive would not be able to draft policies and procedures in time and we would not be in a position to enforce said policies and procedures at every diamond in every time slot. We, the Executive, have to take on the responsibility and look after the social distancing on the diamonds and group numbers that are allowed per the Provincial regulation set out by Premier Ford and, as stated, we are not in a position to accommodate this.

With that said, it saddens us, but we have no choice at this time but to cancel the 2020 season for the Oshawa Slopitch League. We had hoped to play some type of a shortened season. But with all the restrictions, policies and procedures that were needed and need to be enforced and followed once permits had been given (if permits are even granted by the City of Oshawa), it has led us to this decision.

This is the first year since our League started in the summer of 1977, that the Oshawa Slopitch League has not played ball. It truly does sadden us that we have to make this call, but in reality, with what is happening in the world today, it is the correct decision for everyone’s health and safety.

We will work on a plan for going forward into 2021 and we will set up some dates for AGMs starting at the end of January. This of coarse, is as long as everything is lifted with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic by then. Keep checking the website for updates on the League and meeting dates, times and locations. We will also work on a plan for teams that would want their deposit back for the 2020 season and how we can get that done and completed in a timely fashion.

Please be safe, take care and stay healthy.

On behalf of your 2020 Executive,

Ian Torraville,
President and Director of League Affiliation

A Division
 Team W L T P
 Replacements 16 5 2 34
 Angels 15 6 2 32
 Alpha Pro Ballers 13 9 1 27
 Durham Aces 11 11 1 23
 Expos 10 12 1 21
 Dodgers 9 12 2 20
 Bulldogs 9 13 1 19
 The Tribe 4 19 0 8
B Division
 Team W L T P
 Prospects 21 2 0 42
 Mariners 16 5 2 34
 P. City Rollers 11 12 0 22
 Isotopes 11 12 0 22
 Brew Jays 10 12 1 21
 Brewers 9 13 1 19
 Kelly's Grubers 7 16 0 14
 Pirates 5 18 0 10
C Division
 Team W L T P
 Cleveland Steamers 15 7 1 31
 No Big Deal 14 8 1 29
 Shandex Slammers 13 10 0 26
 Healthy Scratches 9 13 1 19
 Tropics 8 13 2 18
 Kessel Runners 7 15 1 15
D Division
 Team W L T P
 Sandlot Kids 16 5 2 34
 Bad Dawgs 11 11 1 23
 Raiders 11 11 1 23
 Sons of Pitches 11 11 1 23
 Predators 8 13 2 18
 The Royals 8 14 1 17
Masters Division
 Team W L T P
 Da Boyz 15 4 0 30
 Team Sox 14 4 1 29
 Classics 12 6 1 25
 Boilers 8 9 2 18
 Lost Boys 5 13 2 12
 Kedron 5 14 0 10
 Badgers 5 14 0 10
Co-ed Division
 Team W L T P
 Triple Play Balls Out 18 2 2 38
 Slippery Mitts 16 3 3 35
 Eye Got It 15 6 1 31
 Caught Looking 12 9 1 25
 Bulldogs 10 11 1 21
 Pitch Slaps 5 17 0 10
 Hopascotches 4 18 0 8
 Wild Pitches 3 19 0 6
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