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A/B Division
Aces vs. Expos 6:30pm Diamond 1
Angels vs. Replacements 6:30pm Diamond 2
Brew Jays vs. Dodgers 6:30pm Diamond 3
Brewers vs. Scarborough Mariners 6:30pm Diamond 4
B Division
No games scheduled.
C Division
Cleveland Steamers vs. Courtice Cardinals 8:00pm Diamond 1
Shandex Slammers vs. No Big Deal 8:00pm Diamond 3
Beast vs. Sandlot Kids 8:00pm Diamond 4
The Healthy Scratches vs. Sons of Pitches II 8:00pm Diamond 2
No Big Deal vs. Beast 9:30pm Diamond 4
Sons of Pitches II vs. Cleveland Steamers 9:30pm Diamond 1
Sandlot Kids vs. The Healthy Scratches 9:30pm Diamond 3
Courtice Cardinals vs. Shandex Slammers 9:30pm Diamond 2
D Division
Sons of Pitches vs. Bad Dawgs 5:00pm Diamond 1
Kessel Runners vs. The Royals 5:00pm Diamond 2
High Pitch Hooligans vs. Tropics 5:00pm Diamond 3
35+ Division
Lost Boys vs. Badgers 5:00pm Diamond 5
Isotopes vs. Swamp Donkeys 5:00pm Diamond 7
Classics vs. Team Sox 5:00pm Diamond 8
Co-ed Division
Bulldogs 2 vs. Caught Looking 6:30pm Diamond 5
Pitch Slaps vs. GGO Express 6:30pm Diamond 7
Bulldogs 1 vs. Grand Salamis 6:30pm Diamond 8
Eye Got It vs. Scrappy Doo's 6:30pm Diamond 6
GGO Express vs. Bulldogs 1 8:00pm Diamond 8
Scrappy Doo's vs. Bulldogs 2 8:00pm Diamond 5
Grand Salamis vs. Eye Got It 8:00pm Diamond 7
Caught Looking vs. Pitch Slaps 8:00pm Diamond 6

* Teams listed second are the home teams.
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